Chemical Engineering TechnologySheridan College

About this Program

Level: Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology

Discpline: Chemical Engineering

Length: 6 semesters

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Application Fee: $100.00
Tution Fee: $17,285.00

Davis Campus Campus

Starting Deadline Status
Sep., 2021 May 1, 2021 closed
Jan., 2022 Sep. 1, 2021 open

Program Description

Sheridan's Chemical Engineering Technology advanced diploma offers education in both lab and industry areas, but stands out for its emphasis on true chemical engineering. Our strong focus on careers that involve complex, industrial-scale processes distinguishes Sheridan from other chemical engineering college programs. In Sheridan's Chemical Engineering Technology advanced diploma program, you'll acquire a broad range of fundamental skills that include: Instrumental analysis and analytical chemistry, Organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, Design and operation of chemical processes, Environmental science, Process control. Sheridan emphasizes practical, hands-on learning in laboratory settings and industrial environments. You'll work directly with state-of-the-art chemical engineering and laboratory equipment, providing you with the advanced skills that are sought after by industry.

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