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Who can apply

High School (K-12)

K-12 or typically know as High School globally for students wanting to study at high school abroad.

Undergraduate / Post-Secondary

Undergraduate or Post-secondary programs are offered by Colleges and Universities internationally for students who have just finished their high schools.

Graduate / Post-Graduate

Graduate or Post graduate programs are offered by Colleges and Universities internationally for students with an undergraduate degree or a post secondary credential for some programs.


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Save 100's of hours of research

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The Aplicar Process

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Step 1: Create a Profile

Complete your profile and let Aplicar’s smart platform walks you through the process and find the programs that best fits your needs and matches your academic profile and career interests

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Step 2: Program Selection and School Selection

Select the program and the school based on your interest and your previous academic qualifications

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Step 3: Submit Your Application

Complete your profile, upload the documents, pay the application fee and let Aplicar’s team of international education experts take over. Our admissions team ensures that your application is complete and submitted in time for best chances of getting you admitted.

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Step 4: Get your Letter of Offer

Once reviewed by the school, if admissible and the program is open, you will receive the initial letter of offer. The letter of Offer is a conditional letter stating that you have met the condition of the admissions and include the next steps of instructions like acceptance of the offer, payment of tuition deposit and any outstanding documents to confirm your admission.

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Step 5: Pay Your Tuition Deposit

Follow the instructions in the Letter of Offer and pay the tuition deposit to confirm the offer.

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Step 6: Get your Letter of Acceptance

Once the College, receives the tuition deposit and any other outstanding documents as stated in Letter of Offer, you will get your Letter of Acceptance quickly. Letter of Acceptance is a confirmation that you have met all the requirements of the admissions and paid the tuition deposit. The school will confirm your seat in the program, once you get your visa and let our admissions team know.

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Step 7: Start Your Visa Process

Aplicar’s team of certified immigration consultants will help you with complete guidance and assistance through the study visa application, ensuring your best chance of success.

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Step 8: Register and Start your Program

Once you have got your study visa, confirm it with the Aplicar’s team and book you tickets and start your academic journey abroad. Talk to our settlement and integration experts for any questions related to pre-departure and post-landing questions. Register for your classes and let the excitement begin!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are my options to study abroad?

As a student today, the world is your oyster. The options to study for students from around the world are unlimited and unprecedented. Aplicar will help you research, select, and apply to the programs of your choice, without leaving the comfort of your home.

What documents do I need to apply?

There are different documents that you may need based on the requirements of a specific institution’s admission policy. Generally, you will need the following documents (Passport, Academic transcripts, proof of English language proficiency) for all the institutions.

What is the difference between the Letter of Offer and Letter of Acceptance? Are they same?

The letter of Offer and Letter of Acceptance are different documents. A letter of offer is the initial letter stating that the student has met all the requirements of the admissions and specifies the steps that the student needs to accept the offer and pay the tuition deposit. Once you've accepted the offer as instructed and pay the tuition deposit, the Letter of Acceptance is issued stating that you have met all the admissions requirements, paid the tuition deposit, and accepted the admission offer and that your admission is now confirmed. You can use the Letter of Acceptance, along with the other required documents as required by the Consulate, to apply for the study permit.

How will Aplicar help me through the whole process?

Aplicar will help you walk through the process right from research, selection of the program, applying for admission, study permit application to arriving in Canada. We have a team of expert admissions officers and Canadian immigration experts to help you guide through the whole process end-to-end.

What are DLIs and are all the programs eligible for PGWP?

DLIs (Designated Learning Institution) is a number given to the approved institutions by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to Canadian institutions. DLIs enables the holder institutions to recruit and accept international students. If the institution does not have a valid DLI number, then it cannot recruit international students. No, all the programs offered by DLIs are not eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Please check with our advisors or the IRCC’s website for specific details and requirements of PGWP eligibility.

When and how much tuition deposit need to pay?

The tuition deposit that you need to pay is based on the institution that you are applying for and their policy. If you apply under Student Direct Stream (SDS) then you will need to pay the first full year tuition fee as proof of financial support for your student permit application.

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