St.Lawrence College
Ontario, Canada
Founded 1967
Total Students 7000


St. Lawrence College was found in the year 1967 and was established as a college of Applied Arts and Technology. There are numerous courses offered by the college such as business administration, engineering and technology, electronics, home economics and many more. The college was found by William Davis who is also known as “father of Ontario College” with an aim to guide and educate people for employment purposes in their own respective communities. Thus, the primary focus of college was towards Applied Arts and Technology. The students were offered professional and occupational courses and certificate programs which were of the short period but guaranteed employment in some of the other fields.As the college has been witnessing an increase in the number of student admissions, the college has expanded tremendously since its foundation. All the three campuses of St. Lawrence are situated across the river St. Lawrence and the campuses are verdant in nature and close to major cities of Canada. The main site which was earlier determined to be the main campus of the college was Brockville, but as Brockville had a smaller coverage finally Kingston was chosen as the full-fledged campus of St. Lawrence. Brockville is smaller than the other two campuses of St. Lawrence. Cornwall and Kingston serve as the main campuses of the college which were originally planned to provide training to the nearby regions of East Ontario.