Statistics, Master of Arts University of Missouri

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Level: Statistics, Master of Arts

Discpline: Statistics and Probability

Length: 4 semesters

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Application Fee: US$90.00
Tuition Fee: US$12,406.00

Columbia Campus

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Program Description

The Statistics department faculty is known for both cutting edge methodological and collaborative research and for outstanding teaching. Faculty members are currently investigating statistical problems in the fields of ecology, genetics, economics, meteorology, wildlife management, epidemiology, AIDS research, geophysics and climatology. The program’s faculty members have ongoing collaborative programs across disciplines such as biostatistics, bioinformatics, economics, atmospheric science, psychology and with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The graduate program provides opportunities for graduate study and thesis direction in various areas of probability and statistics, both theoretical and applied. A variety of consulting and collaborative opportunities allow both faculty and graduate students to conduct cooperative and interdisciplinary research. Regular statistics colloquia provide opportunities for faculty and outside speakers to present the results of their research. Faculty and graduate students also participate in weekly seminar series in Bayesian statistics, bioinformatics and biostatistics.

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