Bachelor's in Computer Science, BS Degree Program University of Bridgeport

About this Program

Level: Bachelor's in Computer Science, BS Degree Program

Discpline: Computer Sciences

Length: 8 semesters

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Application Fee: US$50.00 waived
Tuition Fee: US$34,760.00

Main Campus Campus

Starting Deadline Status
Sep, 2024 Jul 1, 2024 open
Jan, 2025 Nov 1, 2024 open

Program Description

Computers are integral to modern culture and are the primary engine behind much of the world’s economic growth. The field, moreover, continues to evolve at an astonishing pace. New technologies are introduced continually, and existing ones become obsolete in the space of a few years. The rapid evolution of the discipline has an effect on computing education, affecting both content and pedagogy. The Bachelor's in Computer Science, BS degree program core coursework provide basic coverage of algorithms, data structures, software design, concepts of programming languages, and computer organization and architecture. Theoretical foundations, problem analysis, and solution design are stressed within the program’s core materials. Students are exposed to a variety of programming languages and systems and become proficient in more than one higher-level language. A total of 130 semester hours is required for graduation.

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