Artisan Entrepreneurship Diploma Portage College

About this Program

Level: Diploma in Artisan Entrepreneurship

Discpline: Art and Design

Length: 4 semesters

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Application Fee: $160.00
Tuition Fee: $11,034.00

Lac La Biche Campus

Starting Deadline Status
Sept, 2022 Sept 1, 2022 closed

Program Description

The Artisan Entrepreneur Diploma is a two year program that focuses on developing the skills and knowledge to be a self-employed artist/artisan. The first year of the program is the Aboriginal Art Certificate which provides the core Aboriginal art forms content as well as introductory level study in a variety of other fine art and craft media. In the second year of this program you will continue to study the traditional Aboriginal and contemporary art forms in advanced courses in painting and drawing, hide tanning, carving, sewing, footwear, beadwork and decorative arts while identifying an area of focus or interest. The program includes studio courses that provide you with the opportunity for directed study, under the supervision of instructors, in an identified area of interest and skill such as drawing and painting, printmaking, carving, digital media and other media.

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