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Level: Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Discpline: Dentistry

Length: 4 semesters

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Application Fee: $145.00
Tuition Fee: $38,898.00

VCC Downtown Campus

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Program Description

Get hands-on training to provide dental care including examinations, cleaning, polishing, and assessments while working with the public at VCC's dental clinic. A graduate has met the goals of the VCC Dental Hygiene Diploma program based on the Entry-to-Practice Standards and Competencies for Canadian Dental Hygienists* by reliably demonstrating knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the following domains: Professional: Use elements of the arts and science of dental hygiene in the service of the public such as the application of codes of ethics and professional conduct, the development of safe practice environments, and the responsibility/accountability for decisions and actions appropriate for a self-regulating profession. Communicator/Collaborator: Use effective verbal, non-verbal, visual, written, and electronic communication methods in the exchange of ideas, opinions and information relevant to dental hygiene practice. As well as influence and work with others to improve the health and well-being of the public. Critical Thinker: Invoke systematic inquiry, reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making strategies in the provision of all dental hygiene services. Advocate: Speak, write, or act in support of causes, policies, individuals, or groups that aid to reduce inequities in health status or improve access to health services. Coordinator: Support client needs and outcomes through the coordination and management of services, actions and resources. Clinical Therapist: Provide primary, interceptive, therapeutic, preventive, and supportive care procedures that enable individuals and groups to achieve optimal oral health that contributes to overall health. Oral Health Educator: Apply teaching and learning principles to facilitate the development and expansion of skills, attitudes, knowledge and behaviour which support oral health and general health. Health Promoter: Use health promotion principles and strategies to enable individuals and groups to increase their control over and to improve their health.

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