BACHELOR’S IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE Nova Southeastern University

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Discpline: Criminal Law

Length: 8 semesters

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Application Fee: US$50.00
Tuition fee: US$33,510.00

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Program Description

With a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Nova Southeastern University, you will be equipped to take on the challenges of our criminal justice system from within your community and beyond. This field of study will give you insight into human motivations and the forces behind aberrant and destructive behaviors. You'll explore the rapidly expanding highly relevant fields of law enforcement, courtroom services, corrections and homeland security. You also will gain a foundation of knowledge about crime, punishment and rehabilitation. The United States is embroiled in developing a strategy for criminal justice reform. Regularly, we hear about cases that fly in the face of liberty and justice for all. We see breakdowns in the system characterized by racial profiling, overcriminalization, recidivism and mass incarceration. The current conditions necessitate professionals adept at promoting equity, cultural awareness and social responsibility. The knowledge you will gain by earning a degree in criminal justice from NSU will empower you with the tools necessary to tackle these pervasive, troubling conditions and social challenges.

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