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Level: Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry (Honours) (Co-op)

Discpline: Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology

Length: 8 semesters

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Application Fee: $130.00
Tuition Fee: $27,886.00

Niagara Region Campus

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Program Description

Biochemistry describes the structure, organization and function of living systems in molecular terms. The goals of biochemistry are to identify the chemical components and molecules (such as DNA, RNA and protein) of living cells and to determine the function of each component, how components interact, how they are integrated into biological systems, and how these components affect the overall functions of cells and living systems. The Biochemistry Program is a broadly based program designed to provide the student with a thorough understanding of living systems from a molecular perspective. The program is run jointly by the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry. The Biochemistry Co-op program combines academic and work terms over a five-year period. Students spend two years in an academic setting studying the fundamentals of Biochemistry prior to their first work placement. Successful completion of courses in the core areas of Biochemistry provides the necessary academic background for the work experience. In addition to the current fees for courses in academic study terms, Biochemistry Co-op students are assessed an administrative fee for each work term

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