About this Program

Level: Diploma in Cosmetology

Discpline: Fashion Business

Length: 4 semesters

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Application Fee: $145.00
Tuition Fee: $23,000.00

VCC Downtown Campus

Starting Deadline Status
May, 2024 Mar 1, 2024 closed
Sep, 2024 Jul 1, 2024 open
Jan, 2025 Nov 1, 2024 open

Program Description

Get top professional training in hairstyling and esthetics while practicing business management and serving real clients in VCC’s state-of-the-art salon and spa. What you will learn Graduates of this program will be able to: Perform all duties of a hairstylist in accordance with industry health and safety standards related to hygiene, sanitation and disinfection practices. Use and maintain tools and equipment according to industry standards. Demonstrate professional behavior and communication skills with clients and co-workers. Identify the structure and functions of the skin and the hair and recognize possible disease and disorders Perform shampooing, conditioning and scalp massaging services using the correct manipulations and professional haircare products. Demonstrate elevated and non-elevated haircuts using a variety of tools and techniques. Perform wet and dry hair styling using a variety of styling techniques, products and tools. Apply the fundamentals of preparing and applying professional colour and lightening products using specific applications and techniques. Demonstrate permanent wave procedures using a variety of tools and techniques. Describe the types and purposes of hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces. Apply fundamental business management knowledge and skills needed to operate a hair salon.

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