Primary Care Paramedic Portage College

About this Program

Level: Certificate in Primary Care Parademic

Discpline: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Length: 2 semesters

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Application Fee: $160.00
Tuition Fee: $16,850.96

Lac La Biche Campus

Starting Deadline Status
Sept, 2022 Sept 1, 2022 closed

Program Description

Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) are integral members of Emergency Medical Services and provide basic life support, medical and trauma care in health services and industrial settings. They may be the first to arrive on scene, they may be the only provider in remote areas, or they may work collaboratively in a team with other EMS/health care providers, first responders (i.e. Fire, Police) or community support agencies. Duties vary depending on the employment setting but responsibilities for PCPs include patient assessment, treatment, stabilization, and transportation. The PCP scope of practice competencies encompass knowledge and skills in the following areas: professional responsibilities, communication, health and safety, assessment and diagnostics, therapeutics, integration, transportation, health promotion and public safety.

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