Fitness and Health Promotion (FPRO) Cambrian College

About this Program

Level: Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion (FPRO)

Discpline: Sports Management

Length: 4 semesters

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Application Fee: $95.00
Tuition Fee: $15,870.02

Sudbury Campus

Sorry, there are no intakes available at the moment

Program Description

People are living longer than ever before and are increasingly concerned about maintaining their health and physical fitness. With an aging population and increased obesity in the population in general and children in particular, many medical and allied health practitioners are promoting the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. This program will provide you with a blend of fitness education and business principles in order to meet the growing demand for fitness coaching and instruction, and leisure programs that emphasize active living. The program will help you develop the skills and knowledge to change and inspire the lives of others through a strong understanding of physical literacy, physical exercise techniques, proper nutrition, and the mental obstacles individuals may need to overcome to achieve their goals. Our indoor facilities include fully-equipped weight rooms, a cardio room, a multi-purpose room, squash courts, double gymnasium, and a stretching area. You will also have exclusive access to a state-of-the-art multi-purpose/functional fitness and assessment laboratory to enhance your exercise science knowledge on new and traditional equipment. Outdoor facilities include running track, soccer/football field, baseball diamond, and beach volleyball courts.

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