Bachelor of Science - MarketingLong Island University,

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Level: Bachelor of Science - Marketing

Discpline: Marketing

Length: 8 semesters

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Tuition fee: US$37,926.00

Brooklyn Campus Campus

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Sept, 2022 Sept 1, 2022 open

Program Description

Understanding the dynamic marketplace and the needs of consumers is critical for business success in the 21st century. The 120-credit B.S. in Marketing prepares students for professional careers in a wide variety of marketing functions within business and not-for-profit organizations. Marketing involves the study of new product development, marketing research, analysis of distribution systems, determination of pricing policies, promotion of products and ideas, business relationships, and predictions of consumer behavior. As a marketing major, you will develop the creative, analytical and communication skills necessary to succeed in the field. You also will develop competencies in product and service promotion, distribution, buyer behavior and market research. Marketing courses focus on integrating theory and practical applications through the use of cases, computer simulations, and through hands-on field projects.