Graduate Certificate in MarketingWestcliff University

About this Program

Level: Graduate Certificate in Marketing

Discpline: Marketing

Length: 2 semesters

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Application Fee: US$50.00 waived
Tuition Fee: US$8,700.00

Irvine Campus

Starting Deadline Status
Jan, 2022 Sept 1, 2021 closed
Feb, 2022 Feb 1, 2022 closed
May, 2022 May 1, 2022 open
Jul, 2022 Jul 1, 2022 open
Aug, 2022 Aug 1, 2022 open
Oct, 2022 Oct 1, 2022 open
Jul, 2023 Jul 1, 2023 closed

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing prepares students with the knowledge and tools they need to be a marketing department director, manager, or officer. The program emphasizes the global aspects of marketing, the preparation of various specialized plans for marketing, sales, and advertising and the relationship between the marketing department and other departments of the firm.