Biology - B.Sc. (Honours) Trent University

About this Program

Level: Biology - B.Sc. (Honours)

Discpline: Biology

Length: 8 semesters

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Application Fee: $90.00
Tuition Fee: $22,454.00

Peterborough Campus

Starting Deadline Status
Jan, 2025 Nov 1, 2024 open only offshore

Program Description

Biology is central to comprehending today’s most pressing concerns, from managing the spread of infectious diseases to sustainably feeding a planet of more than seven billion people to revitalizing biodiversity in habitats around the world. Explore the fascinating interconnectedness among living things while exploring practical applications in agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, environmental protection, and conservation. In collaboration with expert faculty, researchers and scientists, you will study and develop career-ready skills in cutting-edge labs.

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