About this Program

Level: Diploma - Game Design

Discpline: Art and Design

Length: 2 semesters

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Application Fee: $100.00
Tuition Fee: $49,250.00

Vancouver Campus Campus

Starting Deadline Status
May, 2022 May 1, 2022 closed
Aug, 2022 Aug 1, 2022 open
Oct, 2022 Oct 1, 2022 open

Program Description

Experience the entire game development cycle and develop specialized skills in coding, game art, and level design.You will Establish fundamental skills in game theory, pre-production techniques, and storytellingYou will Build on your game design foundation and start to work effectively in teams. Create your own playable 2D game in Unity.You will Conceive, plan, and execute a final project that delivers a rewarding interactive experience.You will Engage with ongoing play-testing and complete your final project before unveiling your work to the industry.

Study and Work in Canada

Full-time undergraduate and post-graduate international students can work anywhere on or off campus without a work permit. The rules around the number of hours a student will be allowed to work may vary based on the country the student chooses to study in. International students are typically able to work up to 20 hours a week.